Björn compares all sustainable certificates with one tool

March 16, 2016 | 0 Comments | Uncategorized

When it comes to sustainable clothing, there are many certificates on the fashion market that can help consumers feel safe in knowing that they have made a good decision. But sometimes, knowing what the different certificates stand for and if they are inspected by trustworthy parties can be difficult. That is why Björn Agency has developed the Björn Sustainability Tool. This is a tool that calculates a score on the basis of one or more certificates. This way, we can make an honest comparison of the sustainability of different brands.

How does it work? We have gathered all the most commonly used certificates and rated them on three different categories: organic sustainability (nature and environment), social and financial sustainability (honest pay for honest work) and reliability (how strict and independent the inspections of the certificate are). Each category is made up of many criteria, each criteria being worth points. Points can only be earned once per criteria.

Why was this tool developed? Björn Agency works exclusively with brands with sustainable manufacturing. However, the difference between the standards of the certificates is sometimes so big that is makes a fair comparison between brands difficult. By using the Björn Sustainability Tool we can calculate a ascertainable score. We don’t have a version of this tool that we can share at this moment in time, but hopefully we’ll have one ready soon!


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