Maxomorra is hard to miss, with colourful, retro prints that come out in four fabulous collections per year. The concept of Maxomorra is simple – the 48 prints a year are divided over 4 different collections. Most prints are available for a fair share of the 40+ different styles resulting in over 1500+ unique pieces of clothing every year!

FAQ Maxomorra

How do I become a Maxomorra dealer?

Interested in selling the Maxomorra collections? Please apply and fill out the application form. We will get in touch with you within 5 working days after applying.

What do I need to know before ordering Maxomorra?

Maxomorra manufactures four collections every year (spring/summer/autumn/winter) and delivers these in two separate drops per collection.  In the extended overview with all information about orders and deliveries  you will find the exact details.

How sustainable is Maxomorra clothing?

Maxomorra works with the G.O.T.S. certificate of quality for the production of nearly all their clothing (95%). This high standard guarantees that the cotton and other textiles used in the clothing is produced under sustainable conditions (without for instance pesticides and the likes). Moreover, the holders of the G.O.T.S. certificate must abide by the strict rules regarding the working conditions that are inspected in the factory. Here you can search in the G.O.T.S. database.

How can I view the next Maxomorra collection?

We show the Maxomorra collections at the Björn showroom events and trade shows. Check our showroom calendar for actual dates and locations. We also offer the possibility to request the BjörnBox, our mobile showroom that is brought to a location of your choice. We arrange for a pick-up as well, all free of charge! For an overview of all these options, go to Viewing collections.

What's the story behind Maxomorra?

Maxomorra is a Swedish brand, founded bij Johan Ström in 2008. He aimed to design fun and easy-to-wear clothing and produce in a sustainable way. "It's not necessary to pay loads of money for quality sustainable children's wear", according to Johan Ström. Twenty collections later he has proved his point, Maxomorra is sold in over 400 stores in 30 different countries. Read more about Maxomorra at .

Where can I find Maxomorra stores?

Please check the store finder on the Maxomorra website.

Maxomorra and sustainability

Since 2013 Maxomorra is a proud holder of the GOTS certificate of quality. This is an honour that so far has only been granted a handful of brands in Europe. Organic is often associated with a bigger price tag, but Maxomorra is leading the change in that area. The price levels of the entire line is invariably under that of it’s competitors in the midrange. Maxomorra does not advertise themselves as an eco brand, but simply uses it as the term on which they make their clothing. The main reason for the strong rise of the Swedish brand in the Nederlands and Belgium is a more obvious one than that – there is simply an interest here in fun, durable and colourful retro garments with a functional design.