Ordering from Maxomorra

The Swedish fashion design label Maxomorra was founded in 2008 in Älmhult, Sweden. In Maxomorra’s vision, the playing child is a central image and the apparel is functional and comfortable. You can count on Maxomorra clothes to be sustainable, and they are proud to have received the G.O.T.S. certificate of quality. Read more about Maxomorra.

The collections

  • Maxomorra works with 4 collections per year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. SP, SU, AU and WI for short.
  • Each of the 4 collections is comprised of two separate drops (drop A and B).
  • There are 8 drops in a year and every drop is one order.
  • The 2019 Spring and Summer collections open for ordering June 1 2018.


There is a deadline for ordering from each collection (drop A + drop B). The collection cannot be ordered after that deadline. Before the deadline you can order and add to existing orders however you please.

Spring 2019 will close 13th of August and Summer 2019 10th September, 24:00 CET.

Order types

Standard Order (SO): a normal order that is placed before, or on the date of the official deadline. These orders can be topped up before the deadline. Each order can consist of the prints from one drop of the Play, Mono and Plus collection combined with the all the colours Basic collection.
The remaining stock from Maxomorra will be offered in pre-composed boxes.

Minimum order limit

  • There is no minimum order limit per drop for a standard order (SO).
  • The shipping and handling is free for orders above £ 500,-.
  • There are no minimum (nor maximum) order limits per item.

Maxomorra.com - your personal online ordering platform

Retailers can apply to become Maxomorra dealers at Maxomorra.com. The process begins with filling out the application form. After being approved you will be sent a welcome mail and details about how to log in. In your personal account you will be able to view open collections and place orders. Beside this, the following features will be available to you:

  1. Profile: here you can change your personal information; your address or bank information for instance.
  2. Orders: keep track of your orders and view them in detail. You can download product photos of your ordered items, both with high and low resolution. This is also where you can track and trace your order.
  3. Claims: view your current claims or place new ones about products that e.g. were missing from your order or that were not up to standard. If your claim is successful you will receive a credit note that can be used as payment the next time you order.
  4. Dropbox: You will find all Maxomorra’s stock photos and pack shots in one place.

I forgot my password

Go to www.maxomorra.com, press on Retailer Login and press on forgot my password. You will receive an email with your new password.

What does my credit status mean?

Maxomorra define four levels of credit status (A-D), which will be assigned to you based on both your payment history and a subjective evaluation made by us together with Maxomorra. Your credit status may change at any time and we will inform you of this before a change of status is executed. From that moment, your new credit status applies to all your future orders, including previously placed orders that still need to be shipped. Read the description of each credit status, from A to D:

A. Your order will be despatched once your order is packed. You have a 30-day credit period, which means that the invoice is due 35 days after its dispatch from Maxomorra's warehouse (they add five days for transit). You'll receive your invoice by mail.

B. Payments are due in full prior to delivery with a 30-day credit period. Your invoice is sent out by email once your order is packed. As soon as Maxomorra receive your payment, your order will be despatched.

C. Payments are due in full prior to delivery with a 7-day credit period. Your invoice is sent out by email once your order is packed. As soon as Maxomorra receive your payment, your order will be despatched.

D. The account has been blocked.

When am I eligible for a higher credit status?

After having paid an invoice of a minimum of £ 500,- twice on time, you can be considered for an upgrade.

In case you did not pay your invoices in time after receiving two reminders, your credit status will be lowered.

NB! Changing the status is not an automatic process. If you wish to be considered for a different credit status, please contact us. We will then handle your request.

When do I pay my order?

Season orders/preorders: For seasonal preorders, you will receive your invoice once your order is packed and ready. This means if you place an order now for the next season, you will have to pay for it 6 months later, during times of deliveries.

Stock orders/box orders: Stock orders are ready to be shipped as soon as possible. Once you placed a stock order you will receive the invoice within 24 hours.

How do I pay for my order?

How to pay is dependent on the country you're in. Consult your invoice for more exact payment details.
  • For UK countries, you can pay to Maxomorra's Barclays account, which is stated on the invoice.
  • Other European countries can be to Maxomorra's Swedbank account.
  • Countries outside the EU can pay with PayPal. The charge for Paypal will be 3 % of the order value. In order to receive your invoice through PayPal, send your PayPal email address to info@bjornagency.com.
NB: It is important to pay the amount in the currency stated on your invoice and to state the invoice number and additional credit note number in your payment description.

Where can I find my invoice?

There are two ways to find your invoice:
  1. In your email inbox: Once your order is packed (when having status A or B), or once you've placed your order (when having status C), you'll receive your invoice in your email inbox. It will be sent to the same email address you use to log on to Maxomorra.com.
  2. In your Maxomorra account: Log onto Maxomorra.com and go to orders. When you click on the invoice number, a pdf version of your invoice will start to download.

I cannot find my invoice

Season order/preorders: Your invoice will be created at the moment your order is packed. In case Maxomorra are still packing orders, you can receive your invoice anytime.

Stock orders/box orders: Maxomorra first need to manually confirm a stock order before sending your invoice. This can take up to 24 hours.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Countries outside the EU can pay with PayPal. The charge for Paypal will be 3 % of the order value. Maxomorra does not accept payments via cheque.
In order to receive your invoice through PayPal, send your PayPal email address to info@bjornagency.com.

How do I add / change my VAT number?

Please send an email to info@bjornagency.com with your new VAT number.

How do I use a credit note?

You can deduct the amount of your payment and state the credit note number in your payment description.  

Where do I find my open credit notes / balance?

In your Maxomorra account: Log onto Maxomorra.com and go to Statement.

When are deliveries for each season?

Spring / Summer:
  • SPA:  Spring, drop A, to be delivered in January
  • SPB: Spring, drop B, to be delivered in February
  • SUA: Summer, drop A, to be delivered in March
  • SUB: Summer, drop B, to be delivered in April
Autumn / Winter:
  • AUA: Autumn, drop A, to be delivered in July
  • AUB: Autumn, drop B, to be delivered in August
  • WIA: Winter, drop A, to be delivered in September
  • WIB: Winter, drop B, to be delivered in October

When is my order shipped?

When your order is shipped is dependent on your credit status.

Orders of A customers are despatched as soon as their order is packed and ready.

Orders of B and C customers are despatched as soon as their payment is received by Maxomorra.

When can I place an order?

Each collection (SS/AW) is available for ordering within a specific period. If you are a registered retailer with Maxomorra, you'll receive our newsletters informing you about the opening and closing of each collection.

Spring and Summer generally open the beginning of July and closes in August (Spring) and September (Summer).

Autumn and Winter generally open the beginning of December and closes in February (Autumn) and March (Winter).

How do I place an order?

You can place orders in Maxomorra's online B2B. Log onto Maxomorra.com.

Season orders: You'll find each drop on the landing page in case current collections are available. Open a drop to order from it. Not sure if you want to place an order? It is possible to create a draft order and save it for later.

Stock orders: Press on box orders to find all currently available box orders with items from stock.

Can I top up / change my order?

Season orders/preorders: You can amend your order before the order deadline. It is not possible to top up or change your order after the order deadline.

Stock orders/box orders: As Maxomorra has to handle each order separately, it is not possible to top up or combine orders to pay a lower handling fee.

How do I order from stock?

You can buy from Maxomorra's stock in Maxomorra's online B2B. Login on to Maxomorra.com and press on box orders.

Box orders are precomposed boxes with items from Maxomorra's previous collection and leftover basics. Boxes are defined by print and style. You can choose multiple boxes at a time to place in one order. Handling fee is £30,-. Handling is free for orders above £500,-.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order prior to shipment, for which a fee amounting to 35% of the total order value will incur. Cancelling your order after the delivery is not possible.

I would like to order, but the deadline has passed. Can I still order?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to order after the deadline. The only possibility is to order from stock during times of delivery.

Did you, for example, miss ordering Spring and Summer? These collections are delivered from January to April. Keep an eye on Maxomorra's B2B for new box orders containing the new collection.

When do box orders with the latest collection become available?

When Maxomorra are done packing preorders, Maxomorra curate box orders from leftover stock.

In case you have ordered from the current or new collection, you will receive our updates on new box orders.

What is the minimum order value for season orders?

£ 500,- per drop.

Where can I find retail prices and EAN codes?

For each order you've placed you can download an Excel file with retail prices, EAN codes and other information (such as article number, article name, print, size, product description, fabric weight and ordered quantities).

You can find the download link in your Maxomorra account. After you logged on, press on Orders en click on the Excel icon next to the concerning order.

What is the minimum order value for box orders?

There is no minimum order value.

The handling fee is £30,-. The handling is free for orders above £500,-.

I am a new customer, do I have to buy above the minimum order value?

New customers can place their first order with no minimum order limit. This makes it easier to place a test order, as you can order as much or as little as you want. Shipping and handling for this is also free.

NB: Generally, your first order will be your test order. In case your first order is a box order, your first preorder will have to be above the minimum order value.

How do I fit Maxomorra into my budget?

If your budget doesn't allow you to buy every print from every collection, you can decide to not buy from every drop. Two times a year, Maxomorra launches a collection for each line: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Both collections are divided into four drops.

There is a minimum order value for each drop (£500,-). As Maxomorra allows you to place a separate order for each drop, you can choose to buy from either all drops (minimum £2000,-) or from just one (minimum £500,-).

I want to sell on Facebook

Maxomorra does not allow resellers to use Facebook as their main selling tool. Some additional and/or promotional activities on social media are allowed, as long as Björn Agency have access to the page/group.

I have / my customer has a complaint about an article

In case there are items missing or faulty, you can make a claim in your Maxomorra account. After you logged on, press on claims. For further questions, please contact Björn Agency by sending an email to info@bjornagency.com.

My shop is not listed on Maxomorra.com

If your shop is not displayed on the Maxomorra website, you can add your shops and addresses in your Maxomorra account. After you logged on, press Store Address in the top-right corner to edit your information.

Where can I find stock photos and pack shots?

How to download stock photos:
You can find promotional material in Maxomorra's B2B. After you logged on, press on Old range you see everything concerning the current collection. The link KIDS PIX will take you to Maxomorra's dropbox. Here you'll find folders of all the collections with style pictures in it too. 

There are two ways to download pack shots:
  1. In Maxomorra's dropbox, as explained above.
  2. You can find a download link in your Maxomorra account. After you logged on, press on Orders en click on the Image icon next to the concerning order. A zip file will automatically start to download, containing all pack shots of the items you've ordered.

My zip file with pictures is not complete

Maxomorra finished taken pack shots right before they start shipping orders. Your zip file may be already visible because some items are already available. To be sure your zip file will be complete, wait for Maxomorra to start shipping.

When can I share Maxomorra's photos?

The official date you can share Maxomorra's promotional material (stock photos and PR material) is a month prior to the delivery of a drop. Generally, orders are delivered at the end of the month (Spring A at the end of January), meaning you can share promotional material of Spring drop A the 1st of January. Promotional material does not include pack shots (product pictures). You can only share pack shots once you've received your order.