What brands does Björn Agency have to offer?

At the moment we are representing the brands Maxomorra and Lily-Balou. We will shortly begin to expand and offer a number of new sustainable brands.

Where can I see the new up and coming collections?

We offer 5 different opportunities to view the new collections. These opportunities vary from trade shows to showrooms and also includes pop-up showrooms and the BjörnBox©. A list of these can be found on the page  Showroom.

How does the BjörnBox work?

The BjörnBox is a mini showroom packed into a box that can be sent to an address of your choice upon request. We offer this to give you the flexibility to decide when and where you would like to examine the new collections. On the BjörnBox page you will find all the information you need, and there you can also request the BjörnBox.

Do I have to register with Björn Agency or with the brand I am interested in?

When you want to be a retailer of one of our brands you can register with us. We will then handle the request on behalf of the brand. We will among other things look at the type of shop you have (web/brick) and the location of the shop.

What are the advantages of Björn Agency?

As a distributor of our brands, you will also receive the Björn Agency service. That means that you will be able to rely on your inquiries being answered quickly (within 24 hours) and will be offered a platform within our social media.

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