The Björn way

The fashion landscape is changing rapidly. The traditional services of agencies and distributors are no longer sufficient . Just offering sales is not enough to give your customers the service they deserve.  Björn agency offers more than just sales service. Customer support, marketing services, and research is part of our basic services as well. And not just in one country, but in several countries at once. A full-service partner for the price of a traditional agent!

International growth in 3 easy steps

  1. Expand to multiple countries with one partner

Expand your brand to multiple countries in one go. Björn agency guarantees the same service level in all countries that we offer our services. The convenience of one contact and one contract for multiple countries simultaneously.


2. Full service partner

A sales team alone is not sufficient to facilitate growth. Great local customer service adds value to the sales team. Björn agency offers both. To sweeten the deal: PR, social media services and periodical research is also included in our basic services. In short: a full service package for the price of a traditional agency.


3. Succesful scaling through innovation

To lead the growth in the right direction, we have a few modern B2B sales platforms on offer. This form of automatization decreases the operational workload significantly and frees up loads of time to be spent on sales and improvement of customer relations. One other innovation worth mentioning: the BjörnBox, a mobile showroom that tailors the needs of modern buyers.


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