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The road clothing has to travel from design to finished product in a shop, is filled with obstacles. Björn Agency tries to make this journey from factory to shop as smooth as possible. We call this the Björn Way.


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What Björn Agency does for brands

Customer service

We take care of all operational questions from retailers of the brand. We use our own modern customer support system. Beside taking care of all questions from customers, we analyse common issues and work together with the brands to resolve them. This way, we can evolve together.

Marketing and events

We can carry out the marketing strategy of the brand on a local level, adjusted to culture and customs. We collaborate with PR agencies and have a serious, country specific approach to social media. On request we can organise events, such as fan days or launching of new products.


Sales support

Björn Agency takes care of the sales that target retailers and warehouses. We have a local sales team for every country. To make the sales procedures as simple as possible, we offer the innovative order management platform NuOrder that keeps the hassle to a minimum, for brands as well as retailers.

Multiple countries, one solution

The concept of Björn Agency is is currently running successfully in 6 countries and will expand to 10 countries in 2017. The need to find different agencies or distributors for every country is no longer an issue and expanding to new areas has never been easier. Our service is adjusted to local cultures, at a competitive price.


Viewing collections

Besides the traditional methods of showcasing samples from new collections such as showrooms and trade shows, Björn Agency has also developed a new concept: the BjörnBox. This mobile showroom has already been successfully organised and sent out to shops by us for two years!


Market research

At Björn Agency we like to be sure of our facts when making decisions and devising strategies. We carry out extensive research among the retailers. We then share this information with the brands so that they can learn their weaker and stronger point. In the words of Niel Armstrong: “research is creating new knowledge”.


What Björn Agency does for retailers

Customer service

Fast and efficient customer service is essential. We work with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that outlines the agreement with the brand, to ensure clear and secure customer service. Additionally, our customer support center is always available and ready to assist with any issues that may arise.

Sales support

Buying becomes fun again! The process of buying in can be a time-consuming and sometimes challenging task. Björn Agency guides you through the entire process and is a licensed partner of sales platform NuOrder. NuOrder automates a big part of the ordering process and supplies the retailer with valuable business intelligence.


Viewing collections

Although the world is becoming increasingly digitalised, viewing collections in real life before deciding on what to order is very helpful. In addition to traditional showrooms and trade shows, Björn Agency has developed two new options: (1) the BjörnBox – a mini-showroom that comes in a box and (2) temporary pop-up showrooms in many different locations.

Network of sustainable brands

We specialise in promoting brands that strive to work in a sustainable fashion. This is an important part of Björn Agency’s mission. We carefully examine the CSR of the brands we work with which gives retailers access to a network of fashion brands that are guaranteed to have a sustainable profile.


What Björn Agency stands for


Sustainability is an important part of Björn’s mission. To live by this mission, we work exclusively with fashion brands and partners who have sustainability as a part of their strategy. Not only do we look at their certificates, but also examine their way of working. We developed the Björn Sustainability Tool for this purpose. We look at the whole product cycle, from beginning to end.


By combining a number of important innovations, Björn Agency makes rapid growth possible for international fashion brands. Two of the more noteworthy innovations for 2016 are: (1) the B2B platform NuOrder and (2) the BjörnBox©  and agency services that we can offer up to 6 countries.



When communicating with partners, brands and retailers, Björn Agency likes to clearly communicate both agenda and expectations beforehand in order to avoid confusion and problems later on. We use transparency as a strategy because it is our firm belief that this has positive effects in the long term.



Do what you say and say what you do; to us, it is that simple. Through a service level agreement (SLA), we outline the services that we will deliver after we’ve agreed on them, so that all parties know what to expect. This does not mean that there is no room for change and flexibility. To us, this is simply a way of making sure that all goals are clear so that we can reach them together.

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Working at Björn Agency

There is currently an internship position available in association with the Startersbeurs. If this is something that would interest you, please send a message with relevant information about yourself to or read more about working at Björn Agency.

There are currently no other vacancies. However, if you feel that our setup and way of working appeals to you and think that you could add something extra to our team, feel free to get in touch with us!